I love working with my client, Love Nature NYC. Jared Gettinger, the founder, is an amazing being and artisan candle, soap, and lotion maker among other trades. Love Nature NYC has been growing strong the last few years but this summer Jared debuted his beautiful and sweet smelling line at NYIGF in NYC.

Some of the recent products are the new candle line, Transcentdence, which I had the opportunity to name and design. My favorite scent is Peace Pipe. It has a warm smoky sweet scent. And, the new scent for the Inspired by Nature line contains my fave, Vanilla Fig!

Check out the new Hand and Body Wash as well. They look amazing on the bathroom or kitchen sink countertops. It is nice to love all the products around you and THE packaging.
Tara Hogan, INK+WITComment